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Innovations in laser technology mean that laser hair removal is available for those of all skin types and tones and the FDA approved Lumenis Lightsheer laser used by Advanced Image Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation, LLC of Madison is an amazingly effective way to rid yourself of any and all unwanted hair quickly, effectively and virtually pain-free.  If you are sick and tired of dealing with ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts, "growing-it-out" , or if you have just had enough of dumping money down the drain by paying for hair management methods that provide only temporary results, then it's time for you to consider laser hair removal. Because appointments are scheduled just once a month and can take as little as 5 minutes for a lip or underarm treatment up to 20 minutes for lower legs, you can be well on your way to silky, sexy, hair-free skin in less time than it takes to go out for lunch! Did you know that the average person spends nearly $10,000 and 7 months of their lives shaving? This does not have to be you!  Experience the freedom and call, text or email today for your free consultation.  


If you are a man or woman who has struggled with the effects of unwanted hair growth, with treatments at Advanced Image Laser, you have found the answer you've been waiting for! Imagine what it will be like never having to shave, wax, pluck, or tweeze ever again!  Say "Good bye" to ingrown hairs, razor rash, fuzzy underarms and a 5 O'Clock shadow in places where it should never be!  Affordable, customized, effective and compassionate care is what you'll receive when you schedule your treatments with Heather at Advanced Image Laser Hair Removal, so whether you want to get rid of lip hair, chin hair, bikini line or brazilian bare, it's time to take care of YOU for a change and stop wasting time and money with temporary hair removal methods.  You have nothing to loose except for all of that unwanted hair!

​​From the tips of your toes to just under your nose, Advanced Image Laser is pleased to offer you the state-of-the-art technology of the Lumenis Lightsheer Laser.  The medically trained and certified staff will provide you with silky smooth and permanent results. Because of its unique design, longer wavelength and innovative chilled tip handpiece, the Lumenis Lightsheer diode laser can safely treat all skin types and tones -- from light to dark -- and has the ability to treat tanned skin so you don't have to interrupt your treatments in the summer! Your treatments will be comfortable, effective and quick! In fact, it's so fast you can get your leg treatments done on your lunch hour!  With treatments scheduled just once a month, and package pricing that fits almost every budget, it's time to schedule your complimentary consultation with Heather today!

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how do i prepare for treatments?

with laser there is no need to "grow it out"!

If you choose, you may get your laser hair removal treatments the same day as your consultation.  One of the many advantages to receiving laser hair removal treatments is that you eliminate the annoying and gross "growing it out" phase that is necessary for other hair management techniques such as waxing or pulsed light (IPL).  The area to be treated should be freshly shaved or trimmed as close to the skin as possible.  If you are not accustomed to shaving the area at the time you decide to explore getting laser, and you do not wish to shave prior to your visit, Heather will assist you with preparation at your consultation appointment.  It is important that you stop waxing or plucking the area you wish to be treated at least 3 weeks before your laser appointment.  Bleaching should also be discontinued for around 2-3 weeks.  Use of the anti-acne medication accutane must also be discontinued for a minimum of 6 months prior to treatment.